Annual report

Annual report 2008: summary

The year 2008 was a fruitful year for the Institute in terms of research project accomplished, trainings organized and consulting provided.

In 2008 twelve research projects were finalized:

  • „Forthcoming modifications of EU Agricultural and Rural Development Policy from Baltic perspective",
  • „ The restructuring programme for Lithuania's sugar sector: an analysis of alternatives ",
  • „The development of farmers organizations' financing",
  • „The development of farmers organizations participation in EU farmers' organizations: financing the participation",
  • „Planning fisheries capacities for 2008-2009",
  • „Monitoring the development of fisheries",
  • „Balancing fisheries capacities and fisheries resources in the Curonian Lagoon",
  • „The study of opportunities to process not used and of limited use local fisheries resources into food products",
  • „The study of opportunities to set up fish unload places on the Curonian Spit",
  • „Development of specification for the identification for national heritage products, characterizing a certain region or ethnographic location",
  • „Designing the conceptual model for the certification of national trades and products",
  • „Monitoring Leader+ measure implementation".
  • There were two training projects implemented and more than 200 people trained:
  • During "European Union's Common Agricultural Policy training" representatives of administrative bodies in agricultural sector were trained.
  • Agricultural technology issues, accounting peculiarities and investing projects preparation in agricultural sector were explained to representatives of business consulting firms.
  • In parallel to scientific research and training, consulting and expert activities were deployed:
  • Private bodies in agricultural and fisheries sector were consulted on various subjects.
  • The expertise was provided for the international project „Assessing the Impact of Rural Development Policies (incl. Leader)".
  • The outlook of Lithuania's agricultural policy in 2008 was made to support OECD countries' annual agricultural policy monitoring and evaluation.

The Institute has become a member of Baltic Management Fund which is also a member of the European Management Association.