Agricultural policy

Agricultural policy research focuses on:

  1. World agricultural and food policy tendencies with regards to agricultural, food and rural development policies, food provision and security, climate change and sustainable regional development.
  2. European Union's Common agricultural policy taking into consideration the specific structure of the agricultural sector and social and economic aspects of rural development in the region.
  3. Lithuania's agricultural and food policy and its impact on integrate and sustainable development of the sector while providing recommendations for policy makers.

Agricultural and food as well as rural development policy while searching for its effect on social life and economy of regions.


Environment and its economy research focuses on:

  1. Sustainable regional development where human economic activity (and farming as one of them) is exerted preserving natural resources.
  2. The effects of climate change in social and economic processes in the regions and measures to manage and/or mitigate risks arising from climate change.
  3. Evaluation of renewable energy resources effectiveness in the global energy supply systems and the policy of renewable energy resources promotion.
  4. Development of farming practices preserving and maintaining natural resources (including organic farming).
  5. Food security and quality assurance systems design and development.
  6. Promotion of healthy nutrition practices.
Rural development

Rural development research deals with:

1.      Regions as economic, social and cultural units development monitoring and evaluation and their strategic developments CAPS identification.

2.      Rural development policy as an element of European regional development policy while sharing best practices and striving for effective implementation in regions.

3.      European economic and social cohesion policy analysis, design and development.

4.      Regional economic and infrastructural development while taking into consideration regions environmental, cultural, economic and social resources and concerns.

Cultural heritage and trade preservation and promotion.



Fisheries policy and economy research objects are:

  1. World fisheries policy monitoring and evaluation taking into account changing environment, fisheries and aquaculture resources. The main focus is put on balancing fisheries resources and fisheries infrastructure.
  2. Common fisheries policy in the European Union while evaluating its impact on fisheries economy and sectors competitiveness.
  3. Fisheries policy analysis and development in order to support decision making in that field.
  4. Regional and subsector fisheries research.
  5. Recommendations for implementing policy measures financed by the European Fisheries Fund.
Market research

Market research high lines these aspects:

1. Market organization in agricultural and food sector, its development support measures and elements (price).

2. Agricultural and food sector competitiveness, supply chain management and value added creation aspects.

3. Agricultural and food products export markets analysis and search while taking into account European as specific regions characteristics.

4.  Input market needed to produce agricultural and food products analysis and tendencies.

Local initiative

Research on local initiative focuses on:

1.      Monitoring and evaluating the development of local initiative in European regions in order to disseminate best practice and participating in rural networking.

2.      Design and development of policy measures aimed to promote local initiatives.

3.      Identifying and forecasting the impact of local initiatives on regions economies, social life, environment and cultural development.

4.      Developing the cooperation while creating local initiative networks on international level.

Agricultural policy
Rural development
Market research
Local initiative